Banking industry is the topmost source of revenue for the IT industry along with Insurance and other financial services industry, collectively termed As BFSI. An IT Professional like a business analyst or a project manager, good understanding of the banking domain is an advantage.

Our banking domain training course lays the foundation for your path towards domain expertise. This course covers the overall banking industry overview, its segments, functions and processes with the view to provide you with A broad level understanding.

This course will also include multiple IT projects on the banking industry to help you apply your understanding.

  •   Banking Sector is one of the biggest spenders on the IT systems.
  •   Banks spend more than 17% of their operating costs to IT spending. Mckinsey Report
  •   US banks spend much more on IT and software systems than their European counterparts. Mckinsey Report

Business Analyst Banking Domain Course FEATURES

Live Online Training

Banking Domain Training

Business Analyst Training

IIBA ECBA Preparation

ECBA Question Bank

Banking Trainer Notes

Banking Domain Training

Learn the Fundamentals of the Banking domain. Check the detailed syllabus below.


Business Analysis Training

Learn Formal Business Analysis to get started as a Business Analyst in Banking domain.


End to End Banking Project

Get hands-on skills on a Banking project by creating use cases, process diagrams and even specifications.


IIBA ECBA Certification prep

Get prepared for the most popular Entry level in BA certification – ECBA.

Skills Covered

  •   Banking Industry Overview
  •   Banking Sectors
  •   Retail and Corporate Banking
  •   Fees/Fund based products
  •   Business Analysis Fundamentals
  •   SRS Preparation
  •   Agile and Scrum
  •   User Stories
  •   Use cases
  •   SRS Preparation
  •   Elicitation techniques
  •   ECBA Preparation



Real-life End to End Banking Project - Business Analysis

Our course has an end to end Banking project to help you understand the Business analysis activities and outputs produced. This will include creating requirements specifications and process models. The project is designed to help you practice the key elements of a Banking project in real-life.


ECBA Certification Preparation

IIBA ECBA Certification is an important milestone in your journey to become a Business Analyst. The certification helps immensely in getting your resume shortlisted by the Employer. This course will cover the ECBA Syllabus (BABOK guide) to help you prepare. This course also includes a question bank and simulator with 1000 questions.


Interview Preparation

One of the most important element of this course is the interview preparation. You will be given interview questions answers to prepare. A mock interview will be conducted, once you are ready with preparation. The mock interview will be a formal interview like the actual interview. You will be provided a detailed feedbacks post the interview.

Business Analyst Banking Domain Interview Prep

Crack the job interview confidently

Our Job Interview readiness and preparation package will help you prepare for the Business Analyst role in the IT industry for Banking Domain. You will get Business Analyst and Banking Domain Interview Q & A Audio Book which is also available as iOS and Android Mobile Apps. It includes multiple types of questions including Scenario Based Questions.

 Banking Interview Q&A
 Business Analyst Interview Q&A

Business Analyst in Banking Course Syllabus

Course Module
Course Introduction
1 Course Contents
Overview of Financial Market
1 What is Market?
2 What is Financial Market?
3 Basic definitions
4 Flow of funds
5 Functions of Financial Markets
6 Structure of Financial Markets
7 Financial Intermediaries
8 Types of Financial Intermediaries
9 Functions of Financial Intermediaries
Introduction to banking
1 What is a Bank?
2 Functions of a Bank
3 Banking in India – A Brief History
4 Banking – A Brief History (Global)
5 Classification of Banks
6 Introduction : Customers of Banks
7 Central Banks
8 Globally Important Banks
Types of Bank
1 Types of Banks
2 Functions of different types of Banks
Banking Products and Services
1 Product / Service line of Banks
2 Fee based products / services
3 Fund based product/service
4 Investment Banking specific products
5 Impact of interest rate movement
Retail - Lending Products
1 Retail Lending Process Flow
2 Retail Lending Products in Detail
Retail – Saving Products
1 Savings Account
2 Current / Checking Account
3 Salary / Payroll Account
4 Deposit / Certificate of Deposit Account
5 Recurring Deposit Account
6 Document Requirements
7 Process Flow for Account Opening
Fee Based Products & Services
1 Cards
2 Demand Draft
3 Foreign Currency Exchange
4 Safe Deposit Lockers
5 Letter of Credit / Guarantee
6 Concierge Services
Cards & Payment Systems
1 What is Payment Systems
2 What is Payment Channels?
3 S.W.I.F.T.
4 Different Types of Cards
Process Flow
1 Four Corner Model
2 Cheque Clearing Process
3 High Value Payment Process
4 Card Based Settlement
New Age Digital Banking
1 Telephone Banking
2 Internet Banking
3 Mobile Application Banking
4 Online Account Opening
5 Online Customer Support
6 Touchless Cards
Banking Regulations
1 Banking Regulation in India
2 Important Aspects of Banking Regulation Act, 1949
3 Some important Global Banking Regulation
Various Roles in a Bank
1 Various Roles in a Bank Branch
2 Branch Manager
3 Relationship Manager
4 Bank Teller
5 Officer / Clerk
Fraud & Risks in Banking
1 Fraud & Risks
2 Account Hacking
3 Card Hacking
4 Other Related Cyber Crimes
5 Loan Frauds
Banking Software Applications
1 Characteristics of Banking Applications
2 Banking IT Landscape
3 Retail Banking Functional Architecture
4 Corporate Banking Functional Architecture
5 Leading Banking Applications
Bonus Section
1 Lona Repayment EMI Calculations
2 Demo of Banking Software
3 Banking Terminology
4 Course Project 1 – Home Loan Commitment and Home Loan disbursement
5 Course project 2 – FATCA Functionality
6 Course project 3 – Credit Card process enhancement
Course Module
Getting Started
1 BA Role & responsibilities
2 Need for a Business Analyst
3 Skills of a Business Analyst
4 Course Introduction
Introduction to BABOK v3
1 Introduction to BABOK Guide v3
2 ECBA Preparation Strategy
3 Business Analysis Core concepts Model
4 Business Analysis Planning and monitoring
Software Development basics for Non-IT professionals
1 Software Development process-Non-IT Prof
2 What happens during software development
Software Development Approaches & Methodologies (SDLC)
1 Types of SDLCs
2 Waterfall Model
3 Incremental SDLCs
4 Agile Methodology
Knowledge area- Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
1 Introduction
2 Tasks of this knowledge area
3 Chapter quiz
Concept of requirements
1 Concept of software requirements
2 Types of requirements - BABOK v3
3 Classification and Prioritization - Detailed
4 Class Exercise - I
5 Class Exercise - II
Knowledge area- Elicitation and Collaboration
1 Elicitation and collaboration Knowledge Area
2 Exploring BRD Document
3 Stakeholder Analysis and Management
4 Requirement Elicitation Techniques
Knowledge area- Requirements Analysis and Design Definition
1 Knowledge Area - Requirements Analysis and Design Definition (RADD)
2 RADD - Verify Requirements
3 RADD - Validate Requirements
Requirements Modelling with UML
1 Introduction to UML
2 Use Cases & relationships
3 Use Cases Modelling Tool
4 Class Example - Use Case Model
5 Understanding & writing scenarios
6 Class Example - Scenarios
7 Activity Diagrams
8 Tool for activity diagrams
9 Class Example - Activity Diagrams
10 Introduction to Prototyping
11 Prototyping tool
12 Class Example - Prototypes
Data Modelling
1 Data Modelling basics & Techniques
2 Class Example - Creating Data model for a project
Preparing SRS Document
1 Creating SRS Document
Handling Requirements in Agile Projects
1 Need for Agile
2 SCRUM methodology & roles
3 Artifacts in Agile Projects
4 Handling Requirements in Agile Projects
5 Class Example - Flight Booking Portal
Knowledge area- Requirement life cycle management
1 Introduction
2 Tasks of this knowledge area
3 Chapter quiz
SQL for business analysts
1 Database System Concepts
2 Data in modern World
3 Data types and attributes
4 Using SELECT
5 Class Examples
Knowledge Area - Strategy Analysis
1 Introduction to Strategy Analysis
2 Tasks of Strategy Analysis
3 Chapter quiz

Course Projects


Capita Bank Credit Card Project

Capita Bank has planned a suite of IT applications to manage end-to-end life cycle of Credit Cards, that includes – client onboarding, Card Issuance and Card Maintenance. Each of these three applications will manage different activities, as explained below:

  • Client Onboarding – An application, named Welcome, will manage new client onboarding.
  • Card Issuance – An application, named Dispatch, will manage issuance and re-issuance/renewals of the physical credit cards.
  • Card Maintenance – An application, named Manage, will manage various activities for live cards – for example - billing, payments, disputes, frauds, card closure etc.

Project Objectives: You are a business analyst from Ascetic Software Inc. You have assigned to this project. You need to develop complete requirements specifications document for your design and development team. The document includes use cases, process models and data models.

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Foreign Account Tax Compliant Act (FATCA) – Use Case Model

Eritrea and the USA are the only two countries in the world which impose income tax on their respective non-resident citizens. Specifically, the USA citizens need to pay the tax to the USA also if the foreign tax is less than the USA tax. To ensure that all non-resident citizens are declaring and paying their respective dues, FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliant Act) came into existence in 2010. The USA residents and non-residents (including green card holders) are covered under this law.

Project Objectives: You are a business analyst working in IT department of a leading retail bank in India. Your team has received a mandate to include FATCA declaration and relevant information submission form into existing internet banking facility. Create a Use Case diagram for this project.

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Every course participant will receive a course completion certification from Techcanvass as shown on the right. The course certification:

  • Certifies your Course Completion


Banking Domain Pricing Details

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Business Analyst in Banking Course (Radiant)

₹ 24,320

Government Taxes As Applicable

GST extra
  • Live Online Training (7-weekends, 40 hrs)
  • 21-hrs PD for IIBA ECBA Certification
  • ECBA Certification Course + Banking Domain Training
  • Banking Fundamentals with End to End Project
  • Business Analyst and ECBA Revision Digital Course Books (Cannot be Downloaded or Printed)

  • ECBA Question Bank (Package A)

  • Real-life Scenarios & Class Activities

  • Real-life case studies discussions in the class
  • Class activities to help you practice your learnings
  • ECBA Question Bank (Package A)
  •  800+ Questions
  • Chapter wise questions
  • 4 Full Length Tests (50 Questions each)
  • 30 Days Access
  • Comprehensive tracking and reporting

Business Analyst in Banking Course (Superior)

₹ 27,600

Government Taxes As Applicable

GST extra
  • Live Online Training (7-weekends, 40 hrs)
  • 21-hrs PD for IIBA ECBA Certification
  • ECBA Certification Course + Banking Domain Training
  • Banking Fundamentals with End to End Project
  • Business Analyst and ECBA Revision Digital Course Books (Cannot be Downloaded or Printed)
  • Banking Notes for further reading
  • ECBA Question bank and Drills (Package B)
  • Interview Preparation (Mock Interview)
  • Banking Interview Questions and Answers
  • Business Analyst Interview Questions and Answers
  • Real-life Scenarios & Class Activities

  • Real-life case studies discussions in the class
  • Class activities to help you practice your learnings
  • ECBA Question Bank (Package B)
  •  900+ Questions
  • Chapter wise questions
  • 6 Full Length Tests (50 Questions each)
  • 60 Days Access
  • Comprehensive tracking and reporting


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Videsh Kasar
Wipro as Business Analyst

Team Techcanvass thanks for your Amazing support and guidance throughout my ECBA preparation journey, I had purchased recorded video for ECBA and Banking domain and trust me the content is amazing and to the point.

I got placed as a Business Analyst in Banking domain and Techcanvass played a major role, I would like to specially thanks Mr. Brijesh for always being available for any support and queries kudos to Team Techcanvass..!!

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Vinit Mangal

Training was overall good and informative. Lot of basic concepts of core banking were covered and were explained in detail. Gaurav is an excellent trainer.He was able to explain all the content of the syllabus and all doubts were cleared in the session.

Ojal mistry

The ECBA and Banking Domain courses are wonderfully designed to help us understand the concepts in an easy way. The faculties made sure we understood everything and never compromised on giving time to clear our doubts.

Interactive sessions combined with practice exercises made the courses even more interesting and fun to pursue.LMS portal is also very helpful and the question bank has been very helpful in preparing for examination. Also the staff at Techcanvass is very helpful. Overall it is value for money. I look forward to learning more from Techcanvass.

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