What does this Course Cover?

bullet Business Data Analytics Life Cycle
bullet Differences between Tableau & Excel
bullet Different Visualizations in Tableau & their Best Practices
bullet Tableau Environment
bullet Tableau Workspace
bullet Creating Dashboards & Stories
bullet Tableau Certification Practice Questions
bullet Importance of getting certified in Tableau

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Course Syllabus

Introduction to Data Analytics and Tableau
1 Introduction
2 Business Data Analytics & Data Analytics
3 Business Insights using Tableau
4 Overview of Tableau Products
5 Data Analytics using Tableau
6 First Visualization in Tableau
7 Why is Tableau so popular?
8 Tableau or Excel?
Getting Started with Tableau
1 Business Data Analysis: Case Study
2 Getting Started with Tableau
3 Tableau Charts and Graphs
Solving Business Problems with Tableau
1 First Business Requirement
2 Second Business Requirement
3 Third Business Requirement
Tableau Certifications
1 Tableau Certification Practice Questions
2 Tableau Certification

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