Tableau Fundamentals Course

Learn Tableau in less than 3 hours! Learn how to transform raw data into insightful dashboards and stories. In this course, you will learn about Tableau, a robust, secure, and flexible end-to-end visual analytics platform that helps organizations and people be more data-driven and make the most of their data.

You will not learn Tableau factually or theoretically but through real-world case studies from the first module itself. This will enable you to understand how Tableau is used in the industry. Just a sneak peek into the course; you will be working as a data analyst to help restaurants and food lovers in Bengaluru! So, don’t wait and get started on your Tableau journey. Avail of this opportunity till it is free!

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What does this Course Cover?

  • Business Data Analytics Life Cycle

  • Differences between Tableau and Excel

  • Different Visualizations in Tableau and their Best Practices

  • Tableau Environment

  • Tableau Workspace

  • Creating Dashboards and Stories

  • Tableau Certification Practice Questions

  • Importance of getting certified in Tableau

Course Completion CERTIFICATE

At the end of the course, you will get a
certification of competency in Tableau Fundamentals Course.


Tableau Fundamentals Course Syllabus

Introduction to Data Analytics and Tableau


The current exponential growth of data has led to extensive analysis, which helps discover meaningful information. Visualization plays an essential role in conveying this vital information from data in a simple, robust, and influential manner. Tableau is one of the most popular robust, secure, and flexible end-to-end visual analytics platforms. In this section, learn more about the course overview and structure.

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Business Data Analytics & Data Analytics

Understand the fundamentals of business data analytics and data analytics by looking at the analytics cycle, and different types of analytics. Explore how Tableau fits in this cycle.

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Business Insights using Tableau

Go through an example to see how Tableau can help derive business insights and help a business grow.

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Overview of Tableau Products

Get to know Tableau's products and their purpose followed by the installation of Tableau Public.

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Data Analytics using Tableau

Tableau believes in using visuals to drive analytics. Understand in-depth how to use Tableau as an analytics tool.

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First Visualization in Tableau

Explore Tableau basics like importing data, developing views in worksheets and basic visualizations.

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Why is Tableau so popular?

Tableau has many exciting features. But, there are many visual analytics tools available in the market. Why should you choose Tableau?

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Tableau or Excel?

Look at the differences in using Tableau and excel and their different purpose.

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Getting Started with Tableau

Business Data Analysis: Case Study

Zoom into the business data analytics cycle and begin with the case-study.

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Getting Started with Tableau

Learn more about the various features of the Tableau environment and workspace. Understand dimensions, measures, discrete and continuous fields, discrete and continuous dates, aggregation, data granularity, hierarchies, cards and shelves and legends.

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Tableau Charts and Graphs

Explore the common and most used graphs and charts in Tableau along with their best practices.

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Solving Business Problems with Tableau

First Business Requirement

Start working on the first requirement and build worksheets and dashboard.

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Second Business Requirement

Start working on the second requirement and build worksheets and dashboard.

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Third Business Requirement

Work on the third requirement and build worksheets and dashboard. Also, learn how to present these dashboards as a story and look at the different devices supported by Tableau. Explore more with a set of practice questions.

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Tableau Certifications

Tableau Certification Practice Questions

Take a look at some sample questions aligned to the Tableau Desktop Specialist and Associate Certifications, and see how to solve them.

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Tableau Certification

Do you have certification questions? This module will cover the FAQs, the importance of certification and how we can help you get certified!

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Most importantly – It is completely FREE. Just register yourself and get the Course.

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