PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner Training

180 days

180 Days Flexi Pass No Questions Asked – Attend any number of sessions for 6 months

The PMI-ACP online training sessions get completed in 6 weeks. But you can repeat any session for the 24-weeks period from the date of admission, no questions asked.

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Online Instruction Led Training

Monk Question

Case-Study Oriented Sessions

180 days

180 days Flexi Pass No Questions Asked – Attend any number of sessions for 6 months
The PMI-ACP online training sessions get completed in 6 weeks. But you can repeat any session for the 24-weeks period from the date of admission, no questions asked.


Online Instruction Led Training

Monk Question

Case-Study Oriented Sessions

The PMI-ACP Certification increases and validates your knowledge of Agile Methodologies and practices. Get exposed to various Agile implementations including Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP), Test-Driven Development (TDD), and Lean. Cultivate an Agile mindset and acquire hands-on expertise on Agile Project Management.

By the end of this training, you will have grasped the Methodologies and practices that Agile Practitioners use to adapt agility, improve team performance, implement continuous process improvements, deliver value early, and resolve problems and be equipped with niche skills.

Apart from preparing you for the exam, this prep course for PMI-ACP Exam is also designed to impart with you the principles and practices of various Agile Flavors. Register today for our PMI-ACP Exam Prep course. Techcanvass is an Authorized Training Partner of PMI.

ACP Exam Question Bank to Test Your Knowledge.
Full Length Mock Exams for Practice.
Assistance on ACP Exam Application.


Agile development process is an alternative that came into view around the year 2000 after the waterfall approach of project management methodology. Considering the changing project requirements, organizations are increasingly implementing Agile Methodologies, practices and principles in project management. Therefore, with the increasing demand of Agile professionals, getting an ACP Certification is a good investment for a secure future and at the same time to boost your professional growth.

Here are few reasons why you should be an ACP.


Competitive Advantage Among your Peers

An Agile Certified Practitioner gets training to combine the best Agile Methodologies in project management to ensure efficient and timely delivery of projects.


Strong Career Opportunities

Many organizations are looking for professionals with strong knowledge of Agile Methodologies, principles, and practices. Getting your hands on an ACP Certification can help you get good job opportunities in many big organizations.


Global Recognition

PMI ACP is a Globally Recognized and accepted certification in Agile project management. The skills and knowledge of Agile Methodologies remain relevant throughout the globe.


High Salary Perks

A PMI ACP Certification holder can enjoy high salary perks as the average salary of an ACP Certification holder is Rs 4,43,000 - Rs 20,00,000 in India, while the average salary in the US is $62,000 - $162,000. Ultimately, with experience the salary range of an ACP keeps on increasing.


Validates your Knowledge of Agile Concepts

ACP Certification Validates your Knowledge and skills of Agile Methodologies and demonstrates to potential employers that you have the necessary capabilities to carry out Agile Projects in the Organization.

Who can go for this PMI-ACP Course?

You can opt for the PMI ACP certification if you are someone who is working or are a part of agile teams, or whether your organization is adopting agile methodologies and practices. An ACP certification can deepen your knowledge and help you grow in the field of agile project management.

Moreover, if you want to opt for the ACP certification, you have to clear the following eligibility criteria:

  • Secondary degree
  • 21 contact hours in agile training/education
  • 12 months of general project management experience in the last 5 years
  • 1500 hours (8 months) of Agile experience using agile methodologies in the last 3 years

Skills Covered

  •   Agile Mindset
  •   SCRUM
  •   Kanban
  •   Extreme Programming (XP)
  •   Lean
  •   Crystal
  •   Agile Contracting
  •   Adaptive Planning
  •   Value driven Delivery
  •   Earned Value
  •   Agile Modelling
  •   Adaptive Leadership
  •   Continous Improvement
  •   Value Stream Mapping

PMI-ACP Training Highlights


Real-life Scenarios and Class Activities

Agile is a vast subject and involves many new Methodologies, processes, and tools. Our course involves comprehensive activities in every class based on real-life scenarios to help you understand Agile concepts well so that you can succeed in the ACP exam as well as apply these in your job.


Mock Exams

PMI-ACP Exam covers a vast syllabus and requires a lot of practice. The exam has a duration of 3 hours with 120 questions to answer. You would be comfortable with the actual exam only when you have practised couple of mock exams. The mock exams comes with a simulator and performance tracking dashboards to help you navigate through the preparation.


Practice Question Workshops and Doubt Solving Session

Project Management Certification is not easy to crack and requires a lot of practice with the practice questions. We provide mock questions as part of this course. The question bank comes with a simulator and performance tracking dashboards to help you navigate through the preparation.


Flash Cards

We have developed flash cards and are part of our learning management system (LMS) portal. These flash cards are great way to revise the Agile concepts quickly.


Mind Maps

Mind mapping is a great tool aiding you to organize and prepare notes for your ACP Exam. It strongly gets stored in your visual memory and learning the Agile concepts in this way will retain for a longer duration.

PMI-ACP Course Curriculum

Course Modules
1. Introduction to Agile Concepts
2. ACP Course Introduction
3. ACP Domains
4. Agiler Mindset & Principles
5. Value Driven Delivery
6. Stakeholder Engagement
7. Team Performance
8. Adaptive Planning
9. Problem Detection and Resolution
10. Continuous Improvement
11. Agile Project Management Framework
12. ACP Exam application and tips

Our PMI-ACP Course Authorised Traning Instructors


Janakiram D
Janakiram has over 15+ years of experience in the Software Industry including roles such as Project Manager, Engineering Manager, Development Manager and Delivery Manager. He has end to end experience in successfully delivering projects on both Predictive and Adaptive (Agile) approaches. Started his career as a Microsoft Stack Developer and has developed solutions encompassing various technologies like Web applications, Windows applications, Database design and development, Cloud based development. He is certified on PMP (PMI), CSM (Scrum Alliance), MCSD (Microsoft). He is also a PMI-ATP-PMP Instructor.

PMI-ACP Training Fees

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PMI-ACP Certification Training

₹ 9,900 ₹11,000 ( 10% OFF )
GST extra
  •  Weekends Online Training (21-Hrs)
  •  PMI Approved Course for 21-hrs PDUs
  •  150 End of Chapter Quizzes
  • 2 Full Length Simulations
  • Exam Drills - Match Making and Crossword Puzzles
  • Case Studies and Class Simulations/Exercises

  • Real-life Case Studies
  • Agile Class Exercises & Simulations

Group Discounts Available

For a Group of 2, each get 5% discount.

For a Group of 3 or more, each get 10% discount.

Contact us to avail the discount.

PMI-ACP Certification Training FAQs

How long does it take to get PMI ACP certified?

The time you invest in ACP Exam Preparation depends on your daily schedule. However, it is recommended to invest at least 100-150 hours while creating a good study plan.

Is PMI ACP a good certification?

PMI ACP is one of the best certifications in Agile project management. It teaches you everything you need to learn about Agile practices and Methodologies. An ACP Certification holder can enjoy high salaries, good job opportunities, and much more.

Can you take PMI ACP Online?

PMI ACP exams can be taken either by going to a physical test center or choosing an online proctored exam known as a computer-based test.

How much Agile experience do you need to become certified as a PMI-ACP?

You require a minimum of 8 months of Agile experience in the last 3 years and 12 months of general project experience in the last 5 years.

How tough is PMI ACP?

The PMI ACP exam is relatively easy compared to the PMP examination. However, in order to clear the ACP exam on your first attempt, it requires a broad range of knowledge and familiarity with all the Agile concepts.

How do I prepare for PMI-ACP Certification?

To prepare for your PMI-ACP Certification exam, you can consider the following tips:

  1.    1. Make a study plan for each day/week.
  2.    2. Thoroughly revise the Agile practice guide.
  3.    3. Take chapter-wise practice tests and then go for full-length ACP simulator exams to test your knowledge.

How do I get 21 contact hours for PMI ACP?

You can earn 21 contact hours by enrolling yourself in any PMI’s authorized education provider.

What is the PMI ACP pass rate?

PMI does not disclose the pass rate for any of its certification exams, therefore it is difficult to predict the passing rate for the PMI ACP exam.

Is a degree required for PMI ACP?

A secondary degree is a mandatory requirement for professionals to take the PMI ACP exam.

Is a PMBOK available for PMI-ACP?

PMI ACP does not have the PMBOK guide as a study reference, rather it has the Agile practice guide.

How do I become an Agile project manager?

You can become an Agile project manager by preparing and passing the PMI ACP Certification. However, before starting your project manager journey in Agile project management, it is a good idea to focus on getting as much Agile project experience as you can as organizations look for experienced Agile project managers to lead the projects.

How will I become a PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner?

To become a PMI- Agile Certified Practitioner, you will have to meet the necessary eligibility requirements as mentioned above. Only when you meet all the prerequisites for the ACP Certification, then only you are eligible to sit and take the exam.

How can I get PDUs for this course?

You will easily earn 21 contact hours requirement of the PMI ACP Certification on completion of this training course.

How can I get my PMI-ACP Certification online?

You can get your PMI-ACP Certification online from the official PMI website once you clear the ACP exam.

Is the course upto date with the most recent exam and course revisions introduced by PMI?

Yes, this training course is as per the updated PMI ACP exam format and syllabus.

Is this a live training session or will I be seeing pre-recorded videos?

It is an online instructor-led training course, but you can also access all the recorded sessions at any time for 180 days.

What does this PMI-ACP training include?

PMI-ACP training covers real-life scenarios of Agile concepts, several mock exams, flashcards to help you understand the Agile concepts better, and mindmaps.

What if I'm dissatisfied with the course?

You will get a 100% money-back guarantee If you are dissatisfied with the course.

Who are the course instructors?

The course instructors are highly experienced and certified agilists who are approved by the PMI.

How long will I have access to the course?

You can easily access the online training sessions for 180 days.

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